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Digit Murphy


My purpose in life is to create new opportunities for women to grow, lead and be more successful in sports, work and life.

I use sports as my platform to overcome real issues for women such as accessibility to opportunities,  gender bias and pay equity. I believe strongly that a woman's voice is needed in all aspects of life for our world to be more productive. As a winning sports player, coach and manager and as mother of 6 children with my partner of 17 years, I am passionate about sharing what I know girls and women need to succeed into their own greatness. 

I innovate, create, and inspire. It is my dream to have women in leadership positions in all aspects of life.  It has been my experience that women particularly want permission to push limits and boundaries.


I empower people and encourage them to see themselves and value themselves. In the sports world women are undervalued and our sustainable model highlights how women can  bring a different energy and positive influence to a male dominated sports model. This new model will benefit both women and men as everyone has the opportunity to be their best which ultimately supports individuals, families, communities and society. Always being on the cutting edge of creating a new world for women is how I think and what I strive to do.


I have been playing sports since 1972 and am the beneficiary of the Title IX era for women in sports. I graduated from Cornell in 1983 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Recently I was inducted into the RI Hockey Hall of Fame. I coached the Brown Hockey Team from 1987-2011 and brought the team to national prominence. I became the first woman to 200 wins and still on the all time leading winning coaches list for the NCAA. I have coached for USA Hockey in several capacities and have been involved with their program since 1987. I worked in conjunction with Reagan Carey (Director of USA Hockey 2010-2018) to develop the Intern/Mentor program from 2011-2018. I served in the capacity as the Mentor Coach for them and continue to help USA Hockey in all areas to promote diversity and female initiatives for females in hockey.  From 2012-15, I coached the Boston Blades a professional team in the CWHL to two Clarkson Cup Championships. In 2015, Aronda Kirby and I co-founded United Women’s Sports LLC in conjunction with a partnership with STX to create the first ever women’s professional lacrosse league--The UWLX. In 2017-18 I took a job to help to create a system to benefit Hockey China in preparation for the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

In conjunction with Kunlun Red Star, a professional Hockey organization in China, we developed the Hockey Ambassador program where females earned a living wage lived in China and played and helped mentor and create a better educational environment and mindset of empowerment for chinese women’s national team players. As of 2019 I am still a Director for Kunlun. I have  mentored players from high school to becoming Olympic champions. Play It Forward Sport Foundation will bring the power of sports to girls and give them role models they can aspire to be. The most recent "digit collaborations" are the, TheGritLiveDigitMurphy podcast and the See It Be It Initiative




at 146 Arena N. Smithfield, RI

√ All Female Coaches

√ Educational Focus

√ Role Model Focus

√ ​Empowerment focus throughout the whole camp experience-“it’s not about sports it’s about life” this is Digit’s Mantra

√ ​Girls will learn leadership and life skills

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