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Bean Town Camp-The Grit

We offer a variety of Girls’ Hockey Summer Camp opportunities.

Digit Murphy Girls’ Hockey Camps provide more than your typical hockey camp experience.

  • Along with providing a fun, highly competitive, and challenging learning environment on the ice, our camps also teach important life skills off the ice.

  • Our camps teach aspiring hockey players how to interact with coaches, how to be a good teammate, and bystander leadership.

  • We seek to educate young girls about women’s issues, leadership, and anti-bullying.

  • We also help high school aged girls navigate the college search process.

  • The Grit Camp is run "FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN" a uniquely female experience. 


“I really loved the coaches. We worked  hard but they also made it fun on and off the ice. The coaches talked to us a lot which I really liked, especially the chalk talks. They didn’t just talk about hockey but about doing well in school and being a good teammate. I can’t wait to do this camp again!” — Jessie Arons, 12u

“This is a special camp. From the very start of the camp when Digit and her coaches greet each girl individually and get to know them, to the combination of fast paced drills and small area games, to the chalk talks where every girl took copious notes, presented to others and were smiling and laughing all the while. Our girls worked so hard while having so much fun. No one wanted it to end. This is a unique opportunity for your daughter to learn from the best, and gain mentors who have spent years in the women’s game. Your daughter won’t just leave the camp a better hockey player but having gained confidence on and off the ice. I highly recommend this camp and look forward to the next one!” — Lisa Stifelman, hockey player and mom


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Digit Murphy

We offer a unique hockey experience. Our educational approach to the game of hockey can only be described as one of a kind. Anyone that has played for me and our staff knows that it is entertaining, fun, demanding, and authentic. The Digit Murphy brand is all about empowering women. We do it from the second we meet our campers. They are taught to be loud and proud and to trumpet their successes and learn from their failures. Our trusting relationship building approach to sport is the way to go!! Come join us to help build our future leaders!

What is included!

It’s designed by women for women. The goal is to give the participants great insight to what it takes to make it to elite levels. These coaches are focused on developing the players and helping them understand how to play the game at the collegiate level. It features on- and off-ice sessions and daily scrimmages.

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