Value Adds of The Grit Camp at Beantown

  • All Female Coaches

  • Educational Focus

  • Role Model Focus

  • Empowerment focus throughout the whole camp experience-“it’s not about sports it’s about life” this is Digit’s Mantra

  • Girls will learn leadership and life skills

  • Health Education Focus on Women’s Health as an athlete

    • Physical health-what factors re unique to girls in athletics

    • Mental health (suicide prevention)

    • Anti-Bullying

  • Building culture to compete in Beantown tourney on and off the ice

  • On ice learning (simple power play/PK and defensive and offensive systems they can learn for success in the Beantown tourney)

  • Off Ice learning skills to warm up/hydrate/sleep/eat (nutrition)

  • Strength coach available at all times to instruct and ask questions

  • Goaltender specific training and drills on and off ice

  • Roadmap to the place you want to go-college, prep school, and Career

  • College coaches and professional athletes will make an

  • Each camp will feature a women’s round table event

  • Give back to community-girls will give back to a local underserved community through Play It Forward Partnerships

  • Per team-Head Coach- professional player, NCAA, or top level USA Hockey Coach

  • Per Team – Assistant Coach NCAA or Prep School or Club coach or college player

  • Per Team-Intern Coach/Team Leader up and coming coach in training passionate about the game

  • Trainer on staff 24 hours

  • All inclusive lodging and meals B/L/D in site in cafeteria on site Hillside School

  • All Transportation provided at venue to all games and practices

  • State of the art dorms at Hillside School

  • Full Gym on site at Hillside School

  • Video training room on site

  • Panel Discussion and/or Guest Speakers in Leadership from other disciplines-Health and Wellness, Athletics Administration, Prep School Educator, STEM careers

  • Will create team culture and environment for success at Beantown Showcase

  • Evaluation and assessment by our coaches-we will provide realistic information and advice

  • Parents can enjoy a mini vacation while we care for your kids!

  • Limited Hotel Block available for parents of campers

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