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Digit Murphy

Creating new opportunities for women to grow, lead and be successful in sports, work and life.

College advising is crucial for student athletes as it plays a pivotal role in ensuring their holistic development and success both academically and athletically. Navigating the complexities of collegiate opportunities requires specialized guidance to help student athletes strike a balance between their academic responsibilities and athletic commitments. College advisors can provide invaluable assistance in identifying suitable educational institutions that align with an athlete's academic and athletic goals. Moreover, they can offer guidance on NCAA eligibility requirements, scholarship opportunities, and the overall recruitment process, helping student athletes make informed decisions about their future. By fostering a supportive and informed environment, college advising empowers student athletes to maximize their potential, pursue higher education, and excel both on and off the field.

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Brown Hockey Coach 1987-2011

Digit has navigated the NCAA for many years and have a huge network of prep college and professional coaches in my network. She will help you navigate your educational and sports journey, she will teach you valuable life skills along the way that will empower and motivate the student to be the best that you can be-Digit Murphy style ;) Click here for a free consult

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Digit is a seasoned professional in the NCAA sports world. She can also help coaches who need to help their students. She will come to your school and host a session to help ALL of your administrators students and parents understand the process. Click here

The Digit Difference

The Digit Difference-Digit has been working with students since 1987. Her unique approach empowers the student and parents to take control of the educational process. To schedule a free consult click here.

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Help bring more support to girls and women in sport by donating to girl who cannot afford it!

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Digit Murphy

Creating opportunities for girls and women to grow & lead.

I use sports as my platform to overcome real issues for women. I believe strongly that a woman's voice is needed in all aspects of life for our world to be more productive. As a winning sports player, coach, leader and mother of, I am passionate about sharing what I know girls and women and how we need to succeed into our own greatness. 


at Boss Arena URI Campus

√ Girls and Boys Camp

√ Mom Centric

√ Educational Focus

√ Role Model Focus

√ ​Empowerment focus throughout the whole camp experience-“it’s not about sports it’s about life” this is Digit’s Mantra

√ ​ learn leadership and life skills while having FUN #LOVEWINS coaching Flex and Flow philosophy of how to learn to cope with the ups and downs of life using sports as a platform!

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