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Girls Deserve the Right to Play-37 Seconds

37 Seconds Cause Title IX has 37 words

Reading a report-DEVELOPING PHYSICALLY ACTIVE GIRLS-authored by my good friend DR Nicole Lavoie’s awesome work at the Tucker Center location ( U of MN)- here’s the goal of the report “Our goal is that this report is utilized so every girl, regardless of bu LI I’m identity or context, is provided the fundamental human right and opportunity to participate in physical activity” it is a must read even if you just read the executive summary. Here is the link! The impact of sports is so important for our young girls that we truly need to figure out BETTER ways to expose them to sports-I have many ideas and we will continue to implement and execute! Anyone interested please DM me and you can work on some of our stuff!! Let's keep the energy rolling! Our lives depend on it!!

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