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WOMEN- Change Agents for the Future?

Educate females on the importance of financial literacy-this is the answer...

Back to my Cornell roots....

I met with fellow members of the Cornell Women's Hockey Association and the CWHA where Cornell alums We represented a bridge from the past to the present. An alumnae presence is crucial to women's leadership especially in sports as leaders can help players with a roadmap for success once sports has ended-and yes ladies it WILL end someday ;) It will also help women understand and value their importance in leading the next generation. Through the lessons that we learned in the sports world, the CWHA is intent on changing the conversation and educating our female athletes in financial literacy as well as how the skills they learn in sports apply to the real world.

Women's leadership in sports can drive change in how women get future employment opportunities through not only the connections women athletes have through their teams, but also the skills they learn by being on a team.

While at Cornell we focused on relationship building and working with the team at these events we educate the team on the big picture. This is part of the way that we can help build women leaders and help the PLANET by getting more women to care about money! Now hear me does money equate to helping the PLANET you might ask?? You see with access to resources...(MONEY) anyone-- particularly WOMEN will have more wealth and thus more power and access to influential situations. Sound familiar?? I can only wonder what a world of TRULY equitable resources had Title IX really been enforced and not just a shell of Title IX the way that athletics departments decided to roll it out. If women are at the table they can drive change! It has been my experience that not all women but SOME women see money as a means to an end but not as a way to make change. I am here to tell you that wealth (money) is NECESSARY. There was a point in my life that I thought that money was not as important because I did not see the connection between having influence in larger more strategic places in life where I could make more of a difference and drive leadership and change. My VALUE is my opinion, my work ethic, my drive, my passion...and that value comes with helping business or organizations monetize. Helping companies understand value from a female perspective HELPS that company. And this puts money in the family worth present and future. WOMEN need to be OK with making MONEY!

Because of this epiphany (jeez why it took me this long I have no clue!) is why I am now making it my life's mission to educate women on how to make sure that they are valued and earn what they deserve! Why I believe in helping women achieve more and so should you!

Financial LITERACY for women is the answer!

I would like you consider if what you're making now will carry you and your family for the next 20-30 years into retirement. I know that if I had started thinking about this earlier I would have incrementally saved and accumulated much more wealth to free me to do more of the things that I love as well as give more to my family. I was too busy driving change and affecting people's lives. I didn't think that I could do both-BUT YOU CAN!

We will continue to elevate the conversation around women and their value and here is why:

1. Companies want women at the table- Click here for great article

Women are SMART, THOUGHTFUL decision makers who I believe have a good moral compass-after all we do bare children and have that motherly instinct ;)When we are valued, we have a seat at the table. And when this happens organizations make decisions in an inclusive, more informed way.If we have value we will earn more and have more choices and have more TIME. Specifically to make an IMPACT!

So CLICK HERE to understand why you should care-(taken from FINRA Investor in Education Foundation.)

SO let's start to have conversations are money why it is important for us to earn more for ourselves so we have more choices for our families but also to make an impact on the world we live in. Because with out money we unfortunately can have less influence on making the world a better place.:)

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